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Give Independence to your Information

Revolutionary Rapid Development System Develops and Deploys Most Applications in Under 3 Hours

Rapid Software Corporation's Independence (IDP) was built to deploy quickly and enable the entire organization to immediately respond to your real-time information. The technology is independent of any methodology, making it versatile with your current database methods. IDP is able to adapt to multiple needs within an organization and is flexible enough to be used in simple or extremely complicated systems. IDP provides flexible and secure data management solutions that enable the rapid creation of web based applications across the enterprise. Generally, custom applications can be created faster than the time it would take to do the web research into purchasing a specific application package. Because the applications can be built and deployed usually in under 3 hours, all of this is accomplished without hiring additional expensive IT staff. IDP can be created and managed with minimal training. It was designed to be used by anyone from power users to the CIO. IDP provides a high performance, platform-independent infrastructure for producing a quality real-time, internet or intranet deployable system. Managing diverse and evolving data across the entire enterprise is eliminated with IDP.

Companies no longer will struggle with correlating
information and updating spreadsheets that are time sensitive.

As IT departments struggle to maintain current IT systems with reduced budgets, the enterprise still requires solutions to critical needs by ever shifting business requirement. Can this be accomplished? IDP offers solutions to solve these challenging issues and empowers the enterprise with dynamic data mining, indexing, storing, and searching capabilities to bring rapidly evolving data together seamlessly.

The Bottom Line

IDP is a rapid application development tool unlike any other. With IDP you can dramatically reduce the time to create new, enterprise wide, internet or intranet based, systems. Power users, accountants, engineers, or IT staff members can quickly create a real-time systems that are visible across the company. These systems can be limited or expanded to meet the department's needs by password access. Within minutes the department has a system to meet it's needs. Compared to other database tools the learning time is incomparable. This system "knocks the socks off the competition." In a day your staff will be creating professional, live, real-time, internet or intranet based, systems that are functional and problem solving.

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