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Rapid Enterprise Integration

Revolutionary Rapid Integration System Integrates and Deploys Most Integrations in Under 3 Hours

Rapid Software Corporation's Enterprise (ENT) was built to integrate quickly and enable existing applications to have access to data from other systems throughout the organization. The technology integrates rapidly and makes it interoperate with your current data sources. ENT is able to adapt to multiple needs within an organization and is flexible enough to be used in simple or extremely complicated systems. Rapid Enterprise is a program that enables your data to flow between different types of databases and other sources of data, whenever you want, and wherever they may be located. From simple data transfer needs, to detailed data manipulation, Rapid Enterprise provides the tools to integrate and deploy most systems in under 3 hours.

Flexible setup options allow you to choose to maintain the setup of Rapid Enterprise yourself or you can use a fixed configuration. If you want to use a fixed configuration, the setup of Rapid Enterprise is built in advance according to your requirements. Rapid Software uses the native interfaces from different database vendors to maximize the speed of data transfer, where possible. The typical speed is 5.000-10.000 records per minute. Choose to have transfers run automatically and repeatedly whenever you want with the use of a built-in scheduler, choose to manually run transfers from the Rapid Enterprise Command Center application or from a command line prompt. You can even run transfers from the Setup Application itself.

  • Crypto (IBM 4758 PCI Cryptographic Coprocessor)
  • Compress
  • Enumerate
  • SMS Mobile Phone
  • Command
    Communications Interfaces:

  • Pipe (Windows NT Pipes)
  • TCP/IP
  • File
  • FTP
  • Serial
  • MQSeries
  • HTTP




Rapid Integration Features:
  • Look up the different tables and fields of the defined data sources
  • Update, add, delete or move records
  • Delete all records in destination before adding new ones
  • Manipulate data during transfer by using defined functions and operators
  • Transfer all fields or only ones you select
  • Convert field types and values
  • Set filters on source and destinations fields
  • Set default values in transfer when adding new records
  • Auto key generation where needed
  • Distribute the value of one field to several records or add the value of several records and put result into one field
  • Transfer only changed records
  • Triggers/Stored Procedures before and after a transfer in databases which support them
  • Specify group transfers

    Data Sources supported:
  • Oracle databases (7.3, 8.0.5-8.1.7 and 9i)
  • IBM DB/2 databases, IBM DB/2 on AS/400 (5.0 with min. Fix Pack 11 (5.2) 6.0 with min. Fix Pack 3 and 7.0)
  • MS-SQL Server databases (6.5, 7.0 with min. Service Pack 1) and Server 2000
  • ODBC databases (1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5)
  • Lotus Notes databases (4.6 and 5.0.x)
  • Sybase databases (Adaptive Anywhere Server 7.0 and 8.0)
    Navision databases (3.56)
  • Navision Attain/Financials databases (1.30, 2.0, 2.01, 2.5, 2.60d and 3.0.x)
  • Rapid Independence
  • Storage
  • SMS Message
  • Sybase Mobilink (Adaptive Anywhere Server 7.0 and 8.0).
  • Navision Axapta (Navision Axapta 2.5 or later).
  • Navision XAL (Navision XAL 2.7 or later).
  • XML
  • Intos XML
  • Automation Connector
  • Java Connector

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