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Rapid Software Corporation Introduces Rapid External
Web Site Integration With Rapid (IDP) Independence

Revolutionary Rapid Development System Integrates
With External Web Sites Via Rapid Code Generation

Grapevine, TX - Rapid Software Corporation recently announced it has introduced a rapid code generation feature to it's Rapid Independence (IDP), a rapid enterprise application development product. The new feature allows for rapid integration of existing web sites and applications created with IDP. IDP allows developers to create custom web based business applications in under 3 hours.

According to Lee Fox, CEO, "Our entire business model has been based on the rapid development of applications in under 3 hours and we continue to enhance IDP outward into the web services area. Because of our ability to create and integrate rapidly we give move value for every dollar. Rapid Independence is a powerful tool for companies of any size. If you can develop a custom application and create the code to integrate it with your existing web site in under 3 hours the ROI is going to be significant. Our new generator will even create the code for email messages, allowing standard email systems to be used to populate an application developed with IDP."

"Additionally we have begun to offer over 1500 high quality web templates to our customers, allowing them to rapidly create fantastic web sites for integration with Rapid IDP. The code generation, integration and the web templates provide a rapid solution package for both an external web site and an integration to the internal business application developed with IDP."

Some of the most recent applications which have been built using the new code generator in under 3 hours have been an online automotive car buying and selling application, an email marketing survey system, an employee skills email survey, and a purchase order request application.

About Rapid Software Corporation

Headquartered in Grapevine, TX, Rapid Software Corporation sells and supports Rapid Software Corporation's Independence and Enterprise for rapid application development and integrations in under 3 hours. Rapid Software Corporation is located at 3079 Parr Lane, Grapevine, TX 76051. For more information about Rapid Software Corporation's products visit or send email to, or call (817) 251-0615.

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